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Home Entertainment

Simple and Easy

Too often, homeowners are frustrated with the entertainment technology installed in their homes. Issues constantly arise and most times it’s extremely hard to find a solution to the problem without pulling your hair out! Our philosophy in this category is to provide home entertainment systems that are founded upon simplicity.

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Create your Entertainment

Additionally, we strive to provide flexibility in integrating a wide array of entertainment sources. Everyone is different when it comes to music and media. Some may strictly use streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Music. Others may want to use older technology such as CD or record players to take advantage of a compiled collection of tangible music. We can design a solution for either or a combination of both! Whether it be audio or video, wired or wireless, new construction or existing, we can help you create the entertainment environment of your dreams at an affordable price point.

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Multi-Room Audio

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Surround Sound

For too long, homeowners have had limited choices regarding their outdated, single-function antique intercoms – either have them removed and face costly wall repairs or put up with the unsightly units that simply no longer work. Now, Intrasonic’s RETRO Music Distribution and Intercom System provides an exciting alternative! The RETRO is designed to update pre-existing in-wall home intercom systems – using the existing wiring – and transform them into a state-of-the-art multi source music distribution system.

The RETRO system offers a modern design that complements any décor, and delivers more features and flexibility than traditional intercom systems.

Networking Services

At the backbone of every seamless entertainment system is a stable, secure, and uninterrupted home network. Without it, homeowners fight and finagle with their devices all the way to a dead end of disappointment.

With scalable options for wired Ethernet connectivity and WiFi consistency throughout the home, we provide our customers with a network they can depend on.

Our goal is to provide customers with a professionally managed network that doesn’t limit or handicap their home technology aspirations.

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