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“CHS did an Outdoor TV set up for me. I am amazed at how good of a job they did. This was not an easy job; their foreman designed the plan for me and the technicians executed the plan perfectly. The technicians were extremely professional and after they finished you could not even tell they had been here except for the amazing TV set up I now have outside.”

-Shane P.

“You have some great guys - they are very professional and knowledgeable. My wife and I are your biggest advocates of the retractable vacuum. We show it to everyone that comes over. It is one of the best features of our new home.”

-Mark K.

“Central Home Systems is the best company in Southwest MO for your security system or central vac needs. Did an awesome job on our new home and owner Teresa is someone I enjoy doing business with!”

-Earnest R.

“Thank you for helping us get our central vac installed. We are grateful for the excellent work the guys did with the install. It is a blessing to have it and I know it will help my husband and son who have dust allergies.”

-Liz R.

“I have had your surround sound equipment for 16 years and never had one bit of trouble. Excellent service and installation of products.”

-Randy H.

“Thank you so much for a long overnight trip for our vacuum install. I only trust your company to get the work done right. The guys have been so great.”

-Amy B.

“On time, great service and installation of my central vac system. Professional, polite, tidy installers. System works great. No complaints.”

-Melissa C.

“Your installers did fantastic work today. They were timely, polite, and professional. My thanks to you and your quality crew.”

-Jack P.

“John and his guys do a fantastic job. Everything is great. This is my 3rd system.”

-Jim W.

“Your company has the best customer service I have ever seen. I wish I would have used you on our previous projects.”

-Casey G.

“I was the hardest person to convince to install a central vac. But now after having a Vacuflo, I would not have a house without it. Best thing we did for our whole house.”

-Scott H.

“Did a great job installing my camera and security system! Recommend Central Home Systems to anyone and everyone!”

-Martin M.

“I want to give props to those guys. Everything they did is perfection and clean cut, which is important to me because I’m picky. Totally in awe with their professionalism.”

-Credence H.

“Your company is very accommodating with our needs. I will recommend you all - great to do business with.”

-Dave D.